How do our prices adapt to your company and budget?

We understand your needs

We work with you to understand your business, demographics of employees, benefits and existing policies of the company in order to develop a proposal based on your specific needs.

Customised Proposal

We design a customised proposal for each of our clients and we will personalise the proposal to the needs of your organisation and employees.

We adapt to your budget

Because we offer flexible solutions, we can adapt our services and service levels to fit your budget.


We provide the right solutions for each business and pricing will be supplied individually for each service, so you will know exactly what we propose and what the cost will be.


We will monitor program results periodically. At your request we can perform assessments that will allow you to understand the problems and trends in your company regarding maternity and the benefits our program.

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Keep in mind that on average only 4% of the workforce has children per year

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