2. Employee support + child management and education

1 Year Employee support and celebration programme with added child management and education

1. When announcing their pregnancy, employees receive a book as a gift: “What to expect when you’re expecting".

2. At the birth of the baby, a personalised baby layette is sent to hospital or home.

3. When coming back to work after paternity/maternity leave, the employee receives a Nicky-teether that develops the baby’s five senses, as a gift.

4. Access to an online baby and toddler sleep workshop that will help parents and babies get a good nights’ sleep conducted by a spesialised sleep consultancy.

The workshop will cover:
- Negative effects of disruptive sleep habits and how to fix them.
- Setting realistic expectations about sleep for each age.
- Age appropriate foundation for good sleep and assisting to create a practical sleep plan.
- Sleeping for longer stretches after falling asleep independently.
- Day and night rhythms and routines
- Practical bonding bedtime routines
- Common pitfalls and problems of child sleep
3-6-minute videos on education for fathers and mothers
featuring inspirational reflections and pieces of advice.
Educational scenes
of films that Will engagingly instill in their children values such as tolerance, equality, comradeship, respect ...

CHILD DEVELOPMENT: On babies first birthday he will receive 5 books , sounds, letters, numbers and colours.

The company reminds the employee that they still care about the welfare of the baby: with these books the baby will learn sounds, colours, letters and numbers.

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